July 19, 2019
Steadflow Extension Set
July 19, 2019


– Clear, soft, cylindrical & calibrated 150ml Burette chamber
– Airguard technology with the filtration
– Air vented cover with an extra injection site
– Welconn / Standard Y Port
– Luer lock connector
– 60 drops chamber
– Fluid filter – 15 micron
– Safety shut off valve
– Prevents air bubble from forming in fluid line once the burette is empty
– indicates level of infusion fluid
– Tube length below chamber: 180cm
– Tube length above chamber: 30cm

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All components are made of DEHP free and Latex free materials.

Ref Description Quantity/ctn
IF-BR-001 Burette Set configuration with Standard Y-Port 100pcs
IB-6002 Burette Set configuration with Welconn Needleless Y-Port 100pcs