Manufacturing and QA process

Efficient and effective processes are the structure of a successful business.

Welford analyzes, implements and continuously improves our manufacturing processes, ensuring that each process adds value to our products and the quality excellence is maintained throughout the product realization process.

We conduct our injection, extrusion, together with the assembling processes in a hygienic and certified cleanroom environment. Our chemical bonding process, precision heat treatment process and sterilization process are performed on our devices meeting the ISO requirements, including the critical biocompatibility tests. Our packaging process is challenged using the stringent US ASTM methods, and is further qualified by accelerated aging tests and real time tests in compliance with the ISO standards. By this, we verify and guarantee the sterility and the shelf life of our devices.

Quality assurance is the key element in Welford’s manufacturing process. Our quality checking activities and suppliers qualification and monitoring programs are designed and performed fulfilling the requirements of available ISO standards that are relevant for each device in our range.

We strive to be the most reliable partner for the healthcare provider by delivering the medical devices of the highest quality standard.