Company Values

There are always different needs in our community for healthcare products.

There are always different healthcare practices across our continents.

From surgery to the path of recovery, patients need safe and effective healthcare products. From the beginning of diagnosis to the completion of treatment and care providing, healthcare professionals need reliable and quality healthcare devices.

The costs of producing medical devices are escalating. However, Welford believes and always ensure that well-being and comfort of the patients and healthcare professionals are not and should not be compromised.

Life is simply valuable

With the Different Needs in the Community in mind, Welford determines to Deliver the Most Suitable Medical Devices for People.

In ensuring safety and effectiveness of our medical devices and in meeting and satisfying regulatory and customer’s requirements and expectations, Welford establishes and maintains a quality management system. Throughout the implementation of the management system, all individuals in Welford are involved in the process of continual improvement.

As a manufacturer of medical devices, Welford always keep objective evidence to ensure that the safety and effectiveness requirements of the products are met, and risks that may be associated with the products are controlled or eliminated.

By so doing, Welford strives to be recognized by our customers and regulatory bodies as trustworthy and reliable.